Iron on patch
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What garments to use:

Iron-on patches work best on cotton and denim fabrics. Do not iron on leather, nylon or vinyl. Be careful with wool, polyester, silk and other delicate fabrics, as ironing may cause discolouration or burning. To see if your garment is ironable, look at the care label. To decorate an un-ironable garment, you can sew your patch on with a needle and thread.

unicone iron on patch

Ironing instructions:

1. Heat your iron to 400 degrees, or the "COTTON" setting. The steam option should be turned off.

2. Prepare your garment. Ensure your garment is clean and freshly laundered. Iron the area where the patch will be placed to ensure there are no wrinkles or folds.

3. Place your garment on an ironing board or heat resistant flat surface. Place the patch on the garment with embroidery facing up.

4. Place a cotton cloth or thin towel over the patch and press firmly with the iron for 30 seconds.

5. Turn the garment inside out, and iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds.

6. If edges of patch can be lifted, repeat step 5 for another 15 seconds.

heart lolly iron on patch

Caring for your garment:

Patches are meant to be permanent but may loosen over time. For best results, wash your garment inside-out in cold water and hang to dry, or tumble dry with no heat. To ensure your patch is secure, you may wish to sew around the edges.

Show us how you wear it:

We want to see what you’ve created with your USC patch pack. Share a photo on Instagram of your unique style, using the hashtag #USCPatchPerfect. Want some ideas for your next patch project? Visit our Instagram page to get inspired by other people’s creations.

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